Allow content formatting to be left intact

Sometimes the Kona space can be used to exchange information that is related to technical stuff such as a "code snippet" (a brief piece of programming source-code). In such cases, Kona suffers in a couple of ways:

  • Line indentation is not remembered
  • Lines that are "too long" are just wrapped - there's no way of choosing to have a horizontal scroll bar instead.
  • There is no support to have another font such as a mono-spaced font (which is often desirable for code snippets)

In my opinion, the best thing would be to support some kind of "verbaim text" where indentation, line breaks etc. are kept untouched. Possibly inserted in a specific region, that can be shown in a mono-spaced font.

I don't think adding an attachment with the snippet is always a good alternative. Sometimes you just want to refer to 5-10 lines of code, and it is more easy to read the corresponding conversation, if you can directly see the code snippet inline.


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