Add a temporary member to a conversation

I have a couple of conversations in a space where i would like to include someone in the conversation that is not in my space, but i don't want to add them to the entire space. For example, I have a space for "Release Management" it is a team site where we discuss a lot of things as a team.  We have some initiatives that we are working on together at this time and i have them as separate topics in the space.  In some cases i want to invite some folks outside of my team to some of the topic conversations, but i don't want to add them to my space because then when we select "Everyone" they will be included and i am afraid others will forget to "exclude" them when they start up another conversation and just use the "Everyone" group. I don't want to just start up another space just for the initiative as i have too many spaces already. It would be nice to be able to add some to a conversation but not to the whole space. 


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