Enhanced Status for Availability

It would be nice to have an availability status which was more than just online/offline.  I found it very useful in HipChat to see when someone is Away (green indicator turns yellow) and a running tally of time away in minutes and hours next to their name.  It can often give us a clue on if people have just momentarily stepped away, if they are on lunch, or offsite entirely.  Some people leave work and leave their computer running with Kona up, this gives the illusion that they are available and when in fact they are not.  A red Do Not Disturb might also be useful for those that need to focus on a task and a customizable text box where a user can input their own status.

Our business moves extremely quickly and the ability to quickly and effectively make contact with people is a key to success.  Availability status gives us a better idea of how best to communicate and get the answers we need to move forward.


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