Usability and performance enhancements

This feature request is about how to improve the usability and performance of Kona on the longer term. It is requirements that I believe will make Kona much more attractive to be used heavily as a collaboration and personal management tool. Both for professional as well as private users. The request reflects my personal experiences from working with related systems.

I am using Kona for collaboration about projects at work - but I will not use it for personal management for four main reasons: 
1. Performance 
2. No Tagging of information 
3. Lack of Inlined documents 
4. Offline availability

1: When using Kona in a browser, there is a small time lack when e.g. opening a conversation. There will always be a time lack when we talk about browser based solutions, and its acceptable when its only a few tasks a day you have to do . But if you are using a tool all the time and need to access information from several places (conversations, spaces), then these time lacks are really annoying. 
2: It can be hard to find the information you need when you have many tasks and conversations. Being able to tag the information will help a lot. The tags should be private, i.e. its my tags, and they are not seem by others in the space. 
3. A conversation has a Notes section, which is very useful. But why not extend the concept to having unlimited notes, each with a title. Actually, what I miss is the possibility to have documents in Kona. Not files or google docs, but texts, that are stored in Kona and that people can collaborate about. 
4. I am often working offline and work a lot in buses/trains. There, I would like to have access to all/selected information from Kona, and have the possiblity to update conversations/notes. When online again, the changes should be synchronized to Kona.

I am much into the "Getting things done" paradigm, and currently I am using Evernote as the tool to administer most of my information and tasks. I am using Evernote to log everything I do, what I am going to do, what I have learned, and I also store reference information I might need later. 
Evernote is not perfect, for instance its Tasks/todo concept is very limited. But Evernote is nearly perfect in respect to the four limitations listed above. 
1: Its has really high performance because it caches all information locally, and its a native client. The usability is really high. Search in documents work instantly. 
2: Its possible to tag information all many ways, and its possible to define custom search queries. 
3: Evernote is about documents. 
4: Its offline available on all platforms.

Kona is more about collaboration than about document, but I think that we should learn from the big success of Evernote - that offline availability and fat clients works!

Another experience with fat clients; Before, I worked for a company that had a web based enterprise asset repository. People hated the system because it took a long time to find the relevant information and it was difficult to understand the context of the information you found. We developed a fat client that locally would cache all metadata from the repository, and then, searching could be made locally and the response came instantly. people were e.g. able to view relationships graphically. The client became a huge success and people would not use the browser anymore.

 I believe HTML5 development will be very difficult to make a purely web based solution that is able to compete with the performance and usabilty of a fat client when we talk about heavy usage. People also use the Outlook application for administrating emails and the calender because its more productive than using the web based version.

All in all; I think the Kona web interface is a good start, but I believe Kona needs more than a web interface to become an efficient work tool and a success for personal projects.

   -- Steen Brahe


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