How do I set reminders for my tasks?

Tasks can produce a popup, email, or both reminder before the task due date based on your personal specific task settings.  The reminders will only affect you so you can set the type of reminders you would best like to receive.  Setting a task reminder will also cause the task to appear in the Reminders pad in your Home page on the task due date.

To set specific task reminder settings: Open your Home page or Space Tasks tab and click on a specific task or create a new task by clicking into the empty "Add a task" field at the top.  On an existing task, click on the Due date link at the top of the details screen.  This will bring up a calendar popup window where you can add a popup, email or both reminders under the calendar.  Click the "Add reminder" link, set the date, time and reminder type, and then hit "Done."  You also have the opportunity to remove any reminder(s) by clicking the X next to the specific reminder or you can edit the existing reminder(s) by changing the drop-down field values, or you can add more reminders by clicking the “Add Reminder” link at the bottom.

Note: If you do not change the default 'no due date' value for a task, the Reminder section will not be visible or available.


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