What happens to tasks I’m on when I leave a space?

When you choose to leave a space, your tasks will be reassigned according to the setup of the task.  The rules of reassignment are shown below:

  1. If you are the only person assigned, and the only person who can view the item, it moves to your Just for Me space.
  2. If there are other people on the task with editing rights, there is no change in permissions.  You are just removed from the task.
  3. If there are no other people on the task but it is visible to Everyone, the task will be reassigned to the space owner.
  4. If there are other people, including the space owner, on the task but no one else has editing rights, the space owner becomes the editor.  If the space owner is not on the task, the most senior Deltek Collaboration member on the task becomes the task editor. 

Note: This process is slightly different for spaces that are part of a Deltek Collaboration Business account.  Click here to learn more.


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