How do I give a task assigned to me to someone else?

You can give a task assigned to you to someone else at any time if you are one of the selected people responsible for the task.  On your Home page or Space’s Tasks tab, select the task you want to assign to someone else and this will open the details pane.  Click the People icon at the top-left corner of the details pane.  Click into the “Assign to” box under Assignees to choose the new person from the drop-down list.  Then click the “Save” button in the bottom right corner.  That new person will receive a Deltek Collaboration notification about the task.  You will see a “Task was updated” message at the top of the screen.  The new person will appear in the People section.

Note: If the person you would like to assign the task to is not listed in the drop-down, then you will need to invite them to join the space.


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