How do I add a checklist to a task?

You can add a checklist to your task to track the status of items associated with the task. Task assignees can check the items on the checklist to indicate that the items have been completed or delivered.

To create a checklist in a task:

  • In the TASKS tab, click "Add a task" or the [+] symbol.
  • Enter the task name and add task assignees and followers.
  • Enter the task description.
  • Click the icon for polls (three horizontal lines), then click "Checklist." 
  • Enter the items that you want to include on the checklist and click "Add" to create the task.
  • To view the name of the assignee who checked an item on the checklist, position your pointer on the item. Deltek Collaboration then displays the name of the assignee who checked the item.


    • Even if all items on the checklist have been checked, you still need to manually mark the task as completed to complete it. 
    • Any of the task assignees can uncheck an item on the checklist that has been checked previously by another assignee.


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