What are Conversation Highlights?

You can filter conversations using Highlights. This will show those conversations most important to you, removing the rest so you can focus on what matters.  This filter has logic built into it to highlight those conversations that are most relevant to you. You can always see all of your unread conversations by choosing All and then sort by Unread first.  


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    Deb Eastberg

    Hello Iris,

    I was trying to find a conversation that I had just added.  I can see it within Highlights but not on the home page, or on the Conversations page, even though it is the most recent conversation.  Any ideas on why this does not show in all three places (and what made this Highlighted to begin with)?


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    Iris Lavarias

    Hi Deb,

    I opened a support case for this issue.  Please feel free to respond via the case trail.



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