How do I create a conversation, task, or event from a comment?

You can create a new conversation, task, or event right from a comment in one click!  To do this, open up a conversation popup window by clicking on the conversation name.  Hover over the comment you want to take action on.  You will see a star icon with a drop-down arrow appear to the right of the comment.  Click the drop-down arrow and choose “Start new conversation,” “Create task,” or “Create event,” depending upon what action you want to take.  Deltek Collaboration will pop-up a screen where you can edit the item details, and then when you click “Add +,” it will be added to Deltek Collaboration. 

Note: The original comment will retain a “Spark” with a link to the new item(s).  This makes it easy to keep track of item(s) created from that comment.


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