How do I create a reminder from a comment?

The Deltek Collaboration reminders feature is a notepad on the right pane of the Home page where you can enter brief to-dos or drag in activities you need to follow-up on. You can set a snooze time if you want to have it out of sight until it really needs to be completed, at which point the reminder will return to your view.  

To create a reminder from a comment: When inside the conversation popup window, if you see a comment that you would like to create a reminder from, hover over the comment.  You will see a star icon with a drop-down arrow appear to the right of the comment.  Click the drop-down arrow and choose “Add to reminders.”  You will see the reminder appear in the Reminders pad, and then you can edit the name or details, or even set it to snooze until a certain date.

Click here for more information on using reminders:


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