How do I find my favorite comments?

Any comment can be marked as a favorite from within the conversation window.  Click on any conversation to open the popup window.  Then hover over the comment you want to favorite.  A star icon will appear to the right of the comment.  Click the star, and the comment will be a favorite!  The start will remain yellow and in view so that you know it is a favorite. 

To find a favorite comment:

  • From within the conversation: You can click the magnifying glass search icon at the top of the conversation window, and then click the star icon to show only favorite comments.  You can also enter in search text to further narrow the results. 
  • From the Conversations tab: Click the FAVORITES filter underneath the “Add a conversation” field at the top of the Conversations tab.  You will be shown all conversations that are marked as favorites or that contain comments marked as favorites.  If you hover over the conversation name, it will show a star with “X favorite comments”.  If you click that link, you will be brought into the conversation and shown only favorite comments.
  • From the Search field: Enter your keyword in the Search field at the top of Deltek Collaboration.  When the results are shown, you can click the arrow icon to the right of the number of results shown. In the advanced search drop-down, you can click the star icon next to Comments at the bottom to have the search only look through favorite comments.  The results will then return only favorite comments or conversations matching the keyword you are searching on.  


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