How do I mark conversations as read without opening them?

If you click the orange notification bubble at the end of the conversation’s title, the bubble will disappear and the thread will be considered Read.  If you hover over where the bubble was, you will see a gray notification bubble.  You can click the gray bubble to mark the conversation Unread.

You can also mark all conversations in a space as read at once.  When joining a new space, after unhiding a space, or returning to Deltek Collaboration after an extended period of time away, like vacation, your account may have several unread new comments, and this can be overwhelming. So, you can clear all new notifications at the space level. From the Spaces section on the left sidebar, click the drop-down arrow next to the space name and select “Mark all read.”

Finally, you can adjust the settings so all comments emailed in a conversation digest are marked as read in Deltek Collaboration. This way you aren’t reading updates twice, and you can spend your time in Deltek Collaboration just catching up on new things. To set this option as your default, click your picture in the upper right and choose “Notifications” from the drop-down menu. Then check the box to “mark conversations read” next to Conversation digests. 


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