How do I start a conversation?

Deltek Collaboration conversations are a great way to communicate with others in a space so you can get things done!  When you explore Deltek Collaboration, you will find that you can have online conversations with people in the spaces you’ve created, around tasks you are trying to complete, calendar events, documents you have shared, and website bookmarks you would like to discuss.  You can also have one-on-one conversations with people that stay private.

There are several ways to start a conversation:

  • One-on-One Conversations: Click on a person’s picture anywhere within Deltek Collaboration.  You can easily locate their picture from the People section located on the left sidebar or use the search to find the person you want.  Once you click on a picture, a conversation details popup window will appear.  Then click into the comments box, located at the bottom of the screen and start typing away.  Hit the Enter button or click Send when you are done typing and the discussion will be started.  The person in the conversation with you will receive an online notification about your conversation.
  • Conversations for Tasks, Calendar Events, and Documents: Any time you create or are invited to a task, calendar event, or document, you can have a discussion with the other people involved in those activities.  To start a conversation for one of these items, click the specific one you want to discuss.  This will open up the item’s detail pane on the right.  Then click into the comments box at the bottom of the page and start typing away.  Hit the Enter key or the Send button when you’re done typing and the conversation will be started.
  • Conversations in a Space: You can also create conversation topics within a space that are not tied to any specific object.  The space Conversation tab provides you and the others in the space with a great forum for having discussions related to things you are trying to get done or anything you want to talk about with this group.  Once in the space, click the Conversations tab.  This is where all your conversations for a space are organized.  Click into the empty field at the top of the Conversations tab to enter a discussion name, invite people to the conversation, and/or upload documents to get the conversation started.

Helpful tips for conversations:

  • If you are not online in Deltek Collaboration, you can receive new comments in email digests that are sent to you automatically every hour or once a day.
  • You can add comments to the conversation right from your email.  Just reply to the conversation email digest, type in your comments, and hit send.  Your comments will automatically and instantly be shared with everyone in the conversation.
  • To change the frequency of email digests or turn off the email notification option, click the drop-down arrow at the top of the Conversation details pane next to the conversation title.
  • You will notice when new comments are added to a conversation as the new notification icon will show the number of comments you’ve missed and the Deltek Collaboration logo will indicate how many conversations have new comments.

The best tip of all is just start using conversations everywhere in Deltek Collaboration.  It’s addicting!


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