How can I un-mute a conversation? (Turn on all notifications for a conversation)

Muting a conversation in Deltek Collaboration allows you to turn off all notifications for the conversation (sound and browser notification, new item notification, email, and the pop-up notification with text) but still click on the conversation and view the comments if desired.

To un-mute the conversation from the conversation details screen: Select the conversation topic you wish to enable notifications for.  Click on the drop-down arrow next to the topic’s name and choose “Unmute conversation”.  Once selected, you will begin to receive notifications for this conversation again.

To un-mute the conversation from the Conversation tab: On the Conversations tab, select the Muted filter at the top.  If you hover over the right side of the line of the object you want to unmute, you will see a speaker icon appear. Click the speaker icon to unmute the conversation.  You will see the conversation disappear from Muted as it is no longer muted.


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