Get Started Using Deltek Collaboration

Who can use Deltek Collaboration?  We all can…

Deltek Collaboration is a set of private spaces you create to communicate, organize and accomplish the tasks that matter most across your personal and professional life.  It allows you to invite members to a private space to share ideas, documents, tasks, and events.  Unlike other forms of media where information is out there for all to see, Deltek Collaboration allows you to maintain full control over what is shared and with whom.  The best feature you ask?  This is all centered around real-time conversations to facilitate getting things done.

Getting started is easy…

  1. Sign up for Deltek Collaboration at with an email address and password.
  2. Create a space by clicking the Spaces icon on the left side of the screen and then the “Add” link.  This could be any topic you choose (special interest, project, event, group, family space).
  3. Once you have named your space, you can add a description and even upload an image to highlight your space.
  4. Now it’s time to invite people to share the space.  All you need is their email address.  Type a little personal message along with the invite to let them know what they are being invited to and once they accept, you can immediately start a conversation with them.


How do I start a conversation with a member of my space?       

Answer: Click on the space.  This will bring you to the Space Home Page.  Select the Conversations tab.  Click into the 'Add a conversation' field on top to start a conversation.  You can also limit your audience to specific members of a space by selecting them from the "Add people" field.  Remember, you control who sees what.

How do I start a 1:1 conversation with someone?

Answer: From the People section (located on the left side of the screen), click the image of the person you wish to chat with.  You can also search your Deltek Collaboration network to find someone by typing in their name in the Search field.

How do I upload and share a document?

Answer: Select the Documents tab.  Click into the 'Add a document' field on top to upload a document.  In the entry fields, you can select who to share it with, add notes, choose a document folder, and more.

How do I create a task and add members to it?

Answer: In your space, select the Tasks tab.  Click into the 'Add a task' field on top to create a task.  In the task entry fields, you can add who the task is for, when it is due, comments, helpful notes and even add multiple documents centered around it.

How do I create a calendar event to share?

Answer: Select the Events tab in your space.  Click into the 'Add an event' field to create an event.  In the event entry fields, select who to invite, dates, location, comments, and even add documents for your participants.

What else can Deltek Collaboration do?

We want Deltek Collaboration to be THE place to get things done from anywhere, with anyone.  Here are just some of the additional features that allow you to bring all your worlds together with an easy, manageable purpose.

  • Import multiple external calendars into Deltek Collaboration.
  • Export and share your Deltek Collaboration calendars with outside calendars.
  • Organize documents into custom folders and sort tasks into folders.
  • See events, tasks, and conversations across all of your spaces in a single consolidated view.
  • Receive reminders on upcoming tasks and events, keeping you up-to-date.
  • Receive daily digests of conversations happening across all of your spaces whether you’re logged in or not.
  • You can reply to Deltek Collaboration notifications directly from your smartphone or email.  It will be sent instantly to the space and group in Deltek Collaboration.
  • You can manage your conversations, calendars, events, tasks, documents, and life moments no matter where you are from the Deltek Collaboration widget.


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