Learn more about transitioning your individual account from Deltek Collaboration Business to Free

Now that your personal account has transitioned from Deltek Collaboration Business to Deltek Collaboration Free, you still have access to a wealth of great features to help you and your groups stay connected and get things done.  Click here for a side-by-side feature comparison between Deltek Collaboration Business and Deltek Collaboration Free.  The primary differences are that Kona Business account members can copy a space, create and use account templates, utilize extra storage space, and own unlimited spaces. 

IMPORTANT!: You can log in to Deltek Collaboration with any email address that has been listed in your profile.  We would recommend updating your profile to add a personal email if needed, and to set the personal email as primary. 

To add/change your email address, remove your business email, and set the correct email as primary:

  • Log in to Deltek Collaboration.
  • Click on your picture in the upper right of Deltek Collaboration.
  • Choose “My Profile” from the user options menu.
  • On the first tab (Account), click “Add email address” if you need to add your personal email.
  • Type in your personal email address and click “Add.”
  • Once the email address is confirmed, you will be able to select that email address as Primary by selecting the radio button in front of the email address.
  • If you need to remove your business email address, click the X icon at the end of the email address.


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