What can someone who is on a conversation, task, event, file, and space do to it?


If you are included in the list of people on a conversation, you can participate in the conversation, add files, add or edit the notes, delete the conversation, and move the conversation into a conversation list.  Note: If the conversation creator has taken away edit rights, you may not be able to add and edit notes, delete the conversation, or edit the conversation details.


If you are in the People of Anyone Can Complete task, you can delete the task, edit the due date, location, task notes, check or uncheck items in a task checklist, add files, and add or remove Assignees.  Most importantly, anyone assigned to the task can mark the task complete.

If you are in the People of a Must Complete task, you can edit the due date, location, task notes, and add files.  You can also mark your part of the task complete.  

If you are Following a task, you can see the task in the space but it will not be one of MY TASKS in the space nor will it flow through to the tasks on your homepage; although if there is conversation, it will show in the conversations on your homepage.  You can comment on the task conversation, add files, and update notes.  You will receive notifications when the conversation is updated.


If you are on an event, you can delete the event, add people, change edit rights for all except the creator, and edit event details like start and end time and location.  An attendee can also add reminders and make this event recurring.


If you are on a file, you can view the file, delete it, add notes, and contribute to the conversation.


If you are a member of a space, you can access items you have permission to, view the people page, use groups, create new items.  


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