Is Deltek Collaboration Secure?

Deltek Collaboration is social, but with a purpose   

Unlike the Facebook's and Twitter's of the world, Deltek Collaboration was built with one goal, to help people at work and home get things done, together.  For that reason, everything we do is social, but private.  And, your company information is safe and secure with Deltek Collaboration.


Deltek Collaboration was designed for privacy   

Most social networks make information you share public. Not Deltek Collaboration. Deltek Collaboration was designed so that users can only share information with the people they are connected to in  spaces. Deltek Collaboration’s user interface was designed to provide users and companies with peace of mind that information is shared with only the people you trust. 


All your connections are secure  

Deltek Collaboration secures all network connections using SSL. Any attempt to connect via HTTP will be redirected to HTTPS. We keep you on the right road. 


Sophisticated physical security

All of Deltek Collaboration’s servers are hosted in secure, SSAE16 audited data centers secured with a variety of physical controls to prevent unauthorized access. 


Your information is protected    

We treat any information in Deltek Collaboration as classified and treat it as such every step of the way. Your information is never migrated or used outside of the live Deltek Collaboration network and is never shared with third parties, or sold for use in other data mining activities. Also, all files stored on our servers are protected through a 256 bit encryption. 


Internal and Third Party Testing

Deltek Collaboration is routinely tested by internal and external experts. Regular vulnerability and penetration tests are conducted to help maintain our high standard of protection against outside attack. 


Focus your time on the right stuff  

Deltek Collaboration offers the perfect blend of a delightful user experience, robust cloud infrastructure, and easy deployment. With Deltek Collaboration, you won’t be wasting time with deploying and managing hardware/software, worrying about security or scalability, or listening to an endless line of unhappy users. What else could you ask for? 


No hardware or software to install    

Deltek Collaboration has absolutely no hardware or software to install and runs across all major browsers and numerous mobile devices. This means that Deltek Collaboration can be rolled out across the company quickly so employees can start using it immediately. Updates are seamless. The only way you will know they happened is because of the great new features that will show up! 


We keep the lights on  

Deltek Collaboration’s cloud infrastructure provides peace of mind. Simply put, we are passionate about the things you don’t want to worry about, including scalability, disaster recovery, redundant data protection, and data recovery. But passion isn’t enough. We back that up with proven 99.8% uptime. All of the folks working hard to keep the lights on would love to meet you, but probably never will. 


We scale    

As your company scales, so does Deltek Collaboration. Deltek Collaboration’s server infrastructure is elastic and will automatically scale to meet your needs. So go ahead, scale at will! 


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