What happens when I block someone?

People you block will be unable to:

  • See you on the People section on the left pane in the Home page.
  • See you under the ALL filter on the People page from the Home page.
  • Search for you on the left pane and on the People page from the Home page.
  • Send you a one-on-one message.
  • Reply to an existing one-on-one conversation with you.  Your 1:1 thread will disappear from their conversation list view.
  • Invite you to any space that they own.

Note that blocking someone may not prevent you from sharing a space as you can both get invited to a space that neither one of you owns.  This feature only limits the blocked persons from seeing your online status, starting a one-on-one chat with you or inviting you to a space that they own.  


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