How can I let others know that I’m away/out of the office/unavailable?

Although we have the ability to respond to Deltek Collaboration conversations from virtually anywhere, there are some times that we absolutely can’t reply, like when we’re on vacation.  To allow you to notify your team members in real-time that you are away from Deltek Collaboration, you can turn on the Away indicator on your picture and an auto-reply message.  You set the period of unavailability in your profile. 

To turn on the Away indicator and set an auto-reply message: Click on your picture in the upper right of Deltek Collaboration and then choose “My Profile” from the drop-down list.  Click the “Settings” tab.  Then click the “Set auto-reply” checkbox.  You can now set the dates of your unavailability during which the personal message you set will be sent to others.  An Away badge will also show on your picture during this period.  Note: To set unavailability for one day, choose the date you are unavailable in the “Start date” field and the following day in the “Returning date” field so it would show as Start date: 2-21-2014 and Returning date: 2-22-2014.

When will the auto-reply be sent?  Where will others see the message?

  • Anyone who comments in a 1:1 chat with you will see the auto-reply message appear in the 1:1 chat.
  • Anyone who @mentions you in a conversation will see the auto-reply message appear in a 1:1 chat with you.
  • Anyone who comments on a task in which you are the only assignee will see the auto-reply message appear in a 1:1 chat with you.
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