How can I add an image to the Notes?

We have formatting options in the notes section of conversations, tasks, events and documents that allow you to hyperlink text to external web pages and embed images right into the notes using image URL’s. These options are located to the right of the printer icon at the top of the notes page.

The image URL is essentially the link to the image’s location.  You can copy image URL’s from images that are located online, like Google images.  To get an image’s URL, right click on it and choose “copy image URL.”

You will notice that images saved on your computer do not have this option. To create a URL for an image saved on your computer or elsewhere so that you can put it in the Notes, upload it to the Kona space where you want to share the image URL.  Click this link for more information on how to upload a file in Deltek Collaboration.  Once uploaded to Kona, the file will become available on the Files tab for you.  To get the image’s URL, right click on it and choose “copy image URL.”  You can now choose the image icon in the Notes section of any item and right click to paste this URL in.  


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