How can I put my favorite people at the top of the 1:1 people list?

People you’ve marked as a favorite will show up at the top of the People list on the left side of Deltek Collaboration followed by your other contacts alphabetically.  This makes it really easy to find the people you chat with the most. 

To favorite someone:

  1. Click on the People icon on the left sidebar to bring up everyone in your Deltek Collaboration network and then click “Manage.”  Hover over someone’s picture and click the star icon to make them a favorite.
  2. Or, hover over your one-on-one conversation with that person on the Conversations tab and click the star icon to make them a favorite.
  3. Or, click on the person’s picture anywhere in Deltek Collaboration to open the conversation details popup window.  Click the small drop-down arrow at the end of the conversation title.  Choose Favorite from the drop-down menu.


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