How can I link all my email addresses to my Deltek Collaboration profile?

To access your user profile, click on your picture or name located in the upper right corner of the Home page and select My Profile.  In the Email addresses section on the Account tab, click the “Add email address” link.  Type the additional email address and click “Add”.  A confirmation email will be sent to the newly added email address.  Once you’ve clicked the confirmation link in that email, it will be a confirmed part of your profile.

To log in to Deltek Collaboration: You can log in using the primary or any secondary email address along with your regular password.

To change a secondary email address to primary: Click the radio button (circle icon) next to the left of the email address you want to be the primary.  The word PRIMARY will switch and display next to your selected email address. Click Save to save any changes.

To remove a secondary email address: Click the red X icon to the right of the email address in your profile. Click Save to save any changes.

Which email address receives notifications?  All Deltek Collaboration email notifications you selected to receive will be sent to the primary email address listed in your user profile.


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