How can I resize or move the details pop-up for tasks, events, conversations, and files?

When you click on a task, event, conversation, or file, Collaboration opens a pop-up window with the details of the item.  If you wish to move the box to a different location on your screen or change the height or width of the box, you can! 

To move the box, click your mouse anywhere in the white border around the details.  Hold the click and drag your mouse to the screen location you want the box to be in.  Release the click and your window will remain in that location.  When you open future pop-up windows, they will appear in the location you selected.

To resize the box, hover your mouse around the outline of the window until you see the mouse cursor change to arrows.  Click your mouse and drag the box wider or narrower, taller or shorter as desired.  When you release the click, your window will remain in the size you selected.  Future pop-up windows will appear in the size you chose. 


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