How can I make sure someone is seeing my comment in a conversation?

When you want to ensure that someone is getting the information you post in the conversation, you can use the @mention feature to get their attention.  Simply type @ and then their name, a drop-down menu will appear where you can select the person’s name.  When that person next logs in to Deltek Collaboration, they will see the conversation with a “You are mentioned” notification, even if they had muted the conversation.  They may also receive an email with the comment they were mentioned in if that setting is turned on in their profile.  You can also use @mention to specify groups. 

Note: If you type @ but do not select someone or a group from the drop-down list, the “You are mentioned” notification and un-muting will not occur.  The @mention text changes to a red box with the name when the feature is enabled.


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