Account Whitelist

Learn more about which file types can be uploaded to a space.  (This Feature will be available with the May 26, 2019 Update)

Your security is very important to us, and as such Deltek provides a default set of whitelisted file extensions at the account level.  This determines what file types users can upload to a particular space for a given account.  If a file extension is not listed within an account's file whitelist, users cannot upload files of that type.  To support your organization's processes, account administrators can add and remove file extensions from an account's file whitelist through the account settings.

The following file extensions are permitted by default.

Extension Name of file format
avi Video Container
bmp Bitmap
cptx Captivate
csv Comma Separated File
doc MS Word
docx MS Word
dotx MS Word
dwg AutoCAD
eml Email
gif Image
ifc 3D Interchange
jpeg Image
jpg Image
m4a Mpeg-4 Audio
m4v Mpeg-4 Video
mov Video
mp3 Sound
mp4 Video
mpp MS Project
msg Email
pdf Portable Document Format
png Image
ppt MS Powerpoint
pptx MS Powerpoint
rtf Rich Text Format
rvt Revit
tiff Image
txt Text
vsd MS Visio
vsdx MS Visio
wav Sound File
wmv Video
xls MS Excel
xlsx MS Excel
zip Compressed File

Since 1:1 chat sessions are not related to a specific account, the default whitelist applies to all 1:1 chats, regardless of any account file whitelists.  Additionally, cloud document links do not adhere to an account's file extension whitelist, since file extension policies are managed at the cloud account level.

Blacklisted File Extensions

To further protect your organization's security, Deltek maintains a list of blacklisted file extensions.  These are file extensions that are deemed insecure and potentially dangerous.  The list of blacklisted file types is extensive, and updated frequently as malicious file extensions evolve.  Users are prevented from uploading blacklisted file types, and these file extensions cannot be added to an account's file extension whitelist.







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