How can I view my tasks by task folder?

You can view tasks by task folder from within the space view.  To access your spaces, press the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper left of the screen.  Then choose your space from the list.  Once you are in the space, press the tasks checkmark icon from the top of the screen.  From the tasks screen, pull down your task folder until two icons appear.  The folder icon will bring up your task folders and allow you to choose one to view tasks by.  You can switch between task folders to see your organized information.


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    Florian Steinmann

    I have sorted my tasks into different folders, but on the android app under the folders filter I can see only "All tasks" and "Tasks not in a list", not my actual folders. What am I doing wrong?



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    Katie Levenstein

    Hi Florian, 

    We have noted this as a bug, and we will be fixing this in a future release.



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