How can I sync my Kona calendar to my smartphone calendar?

From the events screen anywhere in the mobile application, you can access the option to add your Kona calendar to your smartphone calendar.  To access the events screen, press the events calendar icon at the bottom of the screen.  Then, pull down your events list until the circling arrows synching icon appears.  Press the sync icon to access the sync screen.  Press “Sync now” and Kona will automatically add your Kona events to your smartphone calendar. 

Note: Regardless of where you do the sync, all your Kona events (your My Kona calendar) will be added to your smartphone, not just a specific space’s events.

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    Charlene Kerr

    Hey, Christine,

    Is there a way to get Kona to auto-sync?



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    Christine Boermeester

    Hi Char!

    Once you sync your smartphone and Kona calendar, it will continue to auto-sync as events are added, removed, or edited.  How often the calendar refreshes depends on your smartphone but is usually about an hour.


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