How do I add a task via e-mail?

You can create a new task directly from your email and have the task available in Deltek Collaboration. Note that regardless of how you add the task, the only required field is the email subject line, which is used to create the task name.

  1. Quick Add: Simply send or forward your email to  Anything in the body of the email will be added to the task notes.  The subject line of your email will be the task name.  Anything attached to the email will be added to the Files.  The task will be automatically added to your “Just For Me” space.  You can move the task to another space in Deltek Collaboration.
  2. Detailed Add:You can add a new task, assign it to a space, include team members, and even set a due date directly from your email. To do so, follow these steps:
    1. Address or forward your email to
    2. Set the subject line as follows: (Space name) Task name @Participants $DueDate
    3. Enter details or information about the task in the body of your email.
    4. If desired, put attachment(s) on the email to add to the Files of the task and space.

Tips for a successful add:

  1. Space Name: Should be listed first in the subject line enclosed in parentheses.  (Space Name)
  2. Task Name: This can include letters and numbers.
  3. Participants: If you would like to include participants other than yourself on the task just add @FirstName LastName (always use a space).  If you have multiple people to add, separate each by a space.  Example: @Jane Doe @Joe Smith @Billy Jackson @Liam Brooks.  If you do not want to include anyone on the task just omit this and go directly to the due date.
  4. Due Date: To set a due date on the task, include the dollar symbol ($) directly followed by the date you would like the task to be completed.  Proper format is M-D-YYYY.  Example: $7-1-2012.
  5. Task Description, Details or Additional Info: You can include details, information or instructions on your task by entering the text directly into the body of your email.  This will appear in the Notes section of the task details. 


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    Wes Renfroe

    IS there a way to create a new SPACE via email or from API?  This would help us a lot.

  • 0
    Christine Boermeester

    Hi Wes,

    Not at this time.  It is on our roadmap for the mobile app.  

    I would recommend adding it as a feature request:  Feature votes help us determine what to include in future versions.



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    Eric Weesner

    I can't ever seem to get the @name to work properly.  When I try @Jane Doe @Joe Smith, it always seems to default to me and put the Doe and Smith into the Task Name.  Do you have any suggestions?  Thanks, Eric

  • 0
    Katie Levenstein

    Hi Eric, 

    Thank you for reporting this issue. I am going to open a support case with you so we can resolve this issue there.



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