How do I change my e-mail alert settings for a conversation?

You have the ability to receive email notifications on conversations happening across all of your Deltek Collaboration spaces.  Setting up email notifications ensures you never miss a thing.  You can also respond and add comments directly from the conversations email.  Just hit reply, type your comments, and send.  Deltek Collaboration will automatically and instantly share your comments with everyone on the conversation.

To setup or change email defaults for new conversations: Click on your profile picture or name located in the upper right corner of the screen and select My Profile.  Click on the “Notifications” link at the top of the pop-up window.  Click the envelope next to “Conversation digests” to turn it black (enabled).  You can then click the link next to the envelope to choose “Daily” or “Hourly” as the email frequency.  Note: This setting will only affect conversations created from this point forward.  Existing conversations will continue to email you, or not, based on their current settings.

  • You can also check the “Mark conversations read” option. If this option is checked, then when an email digest with unread comments goes out, Deltek Collaboration
    will mark those comments as unread. This option can be especially useful if you catch up on conversations via email and then have to go clear the comments in Deltek Collaboration. Checking this box will clear it in Deltek Collaboration for you.

To change the email alert settings for a specific conversation: Open the conversation in your Home page Conversations tab or from the Conversations tab within a space.  Click on the conversation you wish to change.  On the details pane that opens to the right, click the drop-down arrow next to the Conversation name, and select Email Settings.  You can then choose your interval of Once an Hour, Once a Day, or Never.  Once the setting is selected, it will remain the choice for that conversation until you change it in the future.


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