“Email already taken” message when adding a secondary e-mail

Problem: When I try to add another email address to my account, I’m getting an “Email has already been taken” error message.

Resolution: Follow the steps below to clear out the other email address from the old account so that you can use it as part of your combined account.  For the purposes of this example, the email address producing the error is example2@collaborate.deltekfirst.com and the one I want to associate it to is example@collaborate.deltekfirst.com.

  1. Log in to the example2@collaborate.deltekfirst.com account.  If you don’t have the password, use “Forgot password?” to reset your password.
  2. Open your profile by clicking on your picture or name in the upper right corner of Deltek Collaboration and choosing “My Profile”.
  3. Scroll down to the Email Addresses section to add a second email address.  Typically this would be a throwaway email address or something+1@gmail.com
  4. Confirm that throwaway email address.
  5. In your profile, set that throwaway email address as the primary email address for this Deltek Collaboration account.
  6. Delete the example2@collaborate.deltekfirst.com email from the account by clicking the red X to the right of the email address.
  7. Optionally, you can change the name on this account to “Do Not Use” to prevent invitations to this old account.
  8. Log in to the example@collaborate.deltekfirst.com account that you want to associate the example2@collaborate.deltekfirst.com email address with.
  9. Open your profile by clicking on your picture or name in the upper right corner of the screen and choosing “My Profile”.
  10. In the Email Addresses section, add example2@collaborate.deltekfirst.com as an additional email.
  11. Confirm the example2@collaborate.deltekfirst.com account. 
  12. Optionally, you can now close the old account by following these steps.

Note: The spaces linked to the example2@collaborate.deltekfirst.com will not show in the new combined example@collaborate.deltekfirst.com account.  You would need to log in with your throwaway email address to view any activity from that account.  We recommend having the space owners of your example2@collaborate.deltekfirst.com address re-invite you to the space.  Going forward all invitations sent to either example@collaborate.deltekfirst.com or example2@collaborate.deltekfirst.com will appear in the combined account.


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