How can I set up Deltek Collaboration to only get e-mail notifications from certain spaces or space categories?

Email digests can be very helpful for catching up on Deltek Collaboration conversations in conjunction with other things like work emails. You can be selective and in control of the digests that come through to you. From the Notifications tab of your profile, select to have conversation digests turned on, and then choose what category of spaces you want to receive notifications for. Moving forward, you will only receive email notifications for the spaces in the selected category. If you select Favorite spaces, you will receive a digest for all your favorite spaces, regardless of the other categories they exist in. Choose All spaces to continue to receive conversation digests as you do today.

Learn more about setting up space categories here.

To select your frequency and category for conversation digests, click your picture in the upper right of the screen and then choose “Notifications” from the drop-down menu. On the Conversation digests line, click the envelope to turn it black (enabled) and then set your frequency of Hourly, Daily, or Never, and select which space category you want to receive digests for. 


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    I'm trying to set up my notifications for my Favorite spaces to be different from those that I've set for the rest of my spaces. When i change my "Favorite" notifications and go back to "All" notifications, the settings for my favorite spaces are shown. How do I have different settings under "Notify me for..." for my Favorite spaces?



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    Christine Boermeester

    Hi Laurie,

    From within your profile, you can only set to receive conversation digests for one type of category. Right now it sounds like you have ALL spaces selected, which means that you will receive digests for all spaces (including the ones you've labeled as favorites). I would suggest that you select Favorites and leave it on Favorites. If you have any questions on this or I've misunderstood your setup, please open a support case so we can investigate. A screenshot of your settings would also be helpful.

    Thank you,


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