How do I accept a space invitation?

You can accept a space invitation from email or from within Deltek Collaboration.

NOTE: You will only receive a space invitation by email if you have this setting selected from within your profile.

To accept from email: You will receive an email from Deltek Collaboration inviting you to join someone’s space. Click the “Accept Invite” button at the bottom of the invitation email. Clicking this will open up the space from a new browser tab.

To accept from Deltek Collaboration: You will receive a global notification asking you to join the space. Click Accept Invite. Once you accept, the space will be among your spaces on the left side of the page. Open it at your convenience to explore its contents. If you have multiple space invitations in your global notifier, you can accept them all at once. From the notifier dropdown, click "Accept all invites" in the top right corner.  



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