How do I mark a space as a favorite?

Marking a space as a favorite is a quick way to filter down to just your favorite spaces on the Space Management page, to have your favorite spaces appear at the top of your space list on the left side of Deltek Collaboration, and to have email notifications only sent to spaces marked as favorites.

To set your favorites, access the space management page by clicking “Spaces” on the left sidebar of the screen and then clicking the “Manage” link.

To mark a space as a favorite, hover over the space until you see a star icon appear to the top right of the space’s box.  Click the star to make the space a favorite.

To view only favorite spaces on the space page, click the “Favorites” link at the top left of the screen under the “Find spaces” field. 

To setup email notifications to only send for favorite spaces, click on your picture in the upper right of the screen and then choose “Notifications” from the drop-down menu. On the Conversation digests line, choose your desired frequency of Hourly, Daily, or Never, and then select Favorite spaces from the drop-down of categories. Moving forward, you will only receive notifications for favorite spaces.


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