How do I edit or delete a posted announcement?

After posting an announcement (click here for how to add an announcement), you have the ability to edit or delete it.  To do so, hover over the announcement text until you see the pencil and X icons appear. 

To edit: Click on the pencil icon.  The “Edit Announcement” screen will appear containing the text you previously typed.  You can make your changes and then click “Save” to re-post the announcement.

TIP: This field will accept html code if you wish to do extra formatting here.

To delete: Click on the X icon.  Deltek Collaboration will ask if you are sure you want to delete.  Click “Yes” to delete the announcement.  The announcement will be deleted from the Space Overview page and the global notifier.


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    Janet O'Brien

    I'm trying to do above but am unable to get a pencil or X icon - help?

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    Iris Lavarias

    Hi Janet,

    This has been addressed in the case you have opened with support. I'm glad that clearing cache has worked for you.

    Warm regards,


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