How can I add an announcement for all my space members?

As a space owner, you can add an announcement for all your space members.  The announcement will show on the Space Overview page and from the global notifier icon in the upper right of Deltek Collaboration.  You can show up to three announcements at a time on the Space Overview page.  The oldest message will automatically be removed from view although it will still be available via the global notifier.

To add an announcement: Open your space to access the Space Overview page.  In the Announcements section, click “Add announcement.”  Type in your message for the entire space and click “Add”.  At that point, it will show on the Space Overview page and create a global notifier so space members will see it no matter where they are in Deltek Collaboration.

TIP: The Add Announcement field will accept html code if you wish to do extra formatting here.


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    Michelle Semrau

    I have some introductory information on the space overview page. There is nothing showing in Announcements. I would like to have the message contained in the space overview area appear in Announcements so when a member opens the space, they see the message. Is this a use of Announcements? is there an expiration date to an Announcement?

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    Christine Boermeester

    Hi Michelle,

    This sounds like a great use of Announcements!  There is no expiration date on an Announcement, although only the last three posted announcements will display on the Space Overview page.  



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