How do I copy a space?

You can copy any space that you own.  The space can be copied an unlimited number of times.  After you have set up your space with the appropriate conversation topics, tasks, events, and documents, it is ready to be copied.  We recommend putting important descriptions in the Notes field of the items.  When the space is copied, all comments and team members will be removed from the space to protect your personal information. 

To copy your space:

  • Go to the left sidebar and click “Spaces.”
  • Hover over your space name until you see the arrow drop-down appear to the right of the name.
  • Click the arrow to view the drop-down menu.
  • Choose “Copy space” from the menu.

After your space is copied, you will receive a notification in the globe icon in the upper right of Deltek Collaboration.  Your space will be available in the left sidebar list of spaces as “Your Space Name Copy.”  You can change the space name and other information in the Edit Space area. To edit the space, follow the copy space steps above but choose “Edit Space” from the drop-down to access the edit area.


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