How can I quickly re-invite all my pending space members?

There are two ways to quickly re-invite all your pending space members:

First, Kona will show you a notification via the globe icon in the upper left 48 hours after you’ve invited your members.  The notification will give you the option to “Resend” all the pending invitations and it will use your original invitation text.  After clicking “Resend” the notification will change to show you how many invitations were sent and you can click “Show details” to see who they were sent to.

Second, you can resend the invitation at any time from the People Page of the space.  To access this page, open your space via the left sidebar in Kona.  Then click on the “Manage” link under Space Members on the right side of the space.  In the upper right, you will see a link to “Resend invitations for all people pending.”  Click this link to have your invitations resent with your original invitation text.  You will receive a confirmation message at the top of the screen indicating how many invitations were sent.

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