How do I access the Space Page?

If you click the Spaces icon on the left side of Deltek Collaboration and then choose “Manage”, it will bring up the Space page.  You will see all the spaces you are part of and own in Deltek Collaboration.  It gives you an overview of all the spaces you are in. You can pick from seven sorting options along with any space category that you add. Select All to see all the spaces you are in, including the one’s you’ve hidden, which will appear faded. You can sort your spaces even further by clicking to see just the Favorite, Personal, Work, Owned, Published, or Hidden spaces. No matter which way you sort your spaces, you will get to see an overview for each space. This information includes the number of conversations, people, tasks, events and files in the space, when the space was last active, and who the space owner is. You can also create new spaces, search for spaces, and edit your spaces right from this page.


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