How do I un-hide a space from Deltek Collaboration?

If a space has been hidden from your list, click the Spaces icon on the left sidebar of the screen.  Click the “Manage” link to access the Space page and then choose the “Hidden” filter.  Hover over the space you wish to un-hide and click the arrow drop-down.  Choose “Show Space”.  The space will once again be visible in Deltek Collaboration.


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    Andrew Wootton

    Does not work. None of the filters do anything in the "Manage Spaces" window. Clicking on "Favourites", "Owned", "Hidden", "Personal" or "Work" has no effect in Kuna. My hidden space is effectively deleted.

    Please fix this bug ASAP.

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    Katie Levenstein

    Hi Andrew, 

    Thank you for reporting this issue. I noticed in your support case that you have isolated this issue to Safari version 7.1. We will work with you to resolve this issue.



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