How do I re-invite a member to my space?

Re-inviting a member to your space is the same process as inviting a new team member to the space.  Within the space, click on the “Invite” link on the right sidebar in the Space Members section.  Alternatively, you can click on the “Manage” link and then click the “Invite People” button in the upper right of the People page.  Then, you would choose the contact or type in their email and then click “Send Invite”.  A notification will popup letting you know that the invitation was sent successfully.

Note: You need to be the space owner to see the Invite link in the space or “Invite People” button on the People page.

You can also resend invitations to all pending members. There are two methods to resend your original invitation to all pending team members.

After 48 hours, Kona will prompt you with an opportunity to resend invitations.  You will see this option in the global notifier icon in the upper left of Kona.  Click the “Resend” button to send invitations again to pending members with your original invitation text.  The notification will change to tell you how many invitations were sent and you can click “Show details” to see who they were sent to.

At any time, you can reissue your invitation to pending members.  Go into the space and select the “Mange” link below the Space Members heading on the right sidebar.  Click “resend invitations for all people pending” in the upper right of the People page that appears.  The invitation will be resent with your original text.  You will see a confirmation message indicating how many invitations were sent at the top of the screen

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    Steve Sturm

    I am unable to add a team member to a space I created. When I click the People title and then the [Invite People] button, a gear next to the Kona label spins for a while, then nothing. I don't see a form for entering their email.

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    Christine Boermeester

    Hi Steve,

    I see that you submitted a support case as well about this so we'll keep you updated there.  For anyone else experiencing this issue, we are developing a hotfix right now.



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