How do I filter my Home page to only see work, personal, or a specific category of spaces?

Spaces span across our work and personal lives. There are times during the day when you might just want to see tasks from your work spaces, and so on. This will enable you to further boost productivity and focus on driving results and accomplishing the goals on your list. With the new space sort and view feature, you can now filter your Home page activity lists using the spaces list and categories on the left side of the page.

To filter your Home page: On the left sidebar, click the Spaces icon.  Choose the arrow drop-down icon located next to the word ALL (it may also show Work, Personal, Hidden, or a category name you’ve set up.)  Select the space category you would like to have visible.  Your Home page will now show just your Work or Personal or the selected category spaces. 

To go back to seeing all active spaces in your Home page: Click on the arrow drop-down and select All.  Your Home page will now display all active spaces again.

To set up space categories: Follow these steps:


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