How do I remove and then re-add the Outlook calendar feed to Deltek Collaboration? Errors when trying to re-add.

If you want to re-generate the Outlook calendar feed to Deltek Collaboration, you will need to remove it and then re-add it. 

To remove the Outlook calendar feed:

  • In Outlook, go to the Calendars tab.
  • Choose Publish Online > Remove from Server or Configure this Published Calendar.
  • If “Remove from Server,” delete the Deltek Collaboration calendar from this section. 
  • If “Configure this Published Calendar,” click “Stop Publishing” in the bottom right of the screen after logging in to Web Outlook.

If you have already removed the feed from Deltek Collaboration and are now getting an error that the feed was not removed from the server:

If you get a message that Outlook fails to log you in when trying to re-publish your Deltek Collaboration calendar, it is likely that Windows has remembered your previous password.

  • In Windows 7, go to Control Panel > Credential Manager.
  • Remove your Outlook published calendar credentials.  This will typically be listed as “”
  • Follow the steps here to re-publish your Outlook calendar to Deltek Collaboration.


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