How do I print my calendar?

On the Events tab of your Home page or a space, you have the option to print your calendar in agenda view or calendar view.  If you choose to change your view to Month, Week, or Day, that choice will be reflected in the printout.

To print your calendar:

  1. On the Events tab, click the printer icon on the right side below the + sign where you Add a new event. 
  2. Choose “Print Events in Agenda View” or “Print Events in Calendar View,” depending upon your preference.
  3. A pop-up window will appear with a preview of the printout and print settings.  Make your choices and select “Print.”  Your calendar will then print to the printer you’ve selected.


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    Kari Andren

    is there a way to expand the text so that the entire event name shows? i need the entire title to show & particularly in agenda view, there is enough space, but the titles are all truncated.  thanks!

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    Christine Boermeester

    Hi Kari,

    Thanks for your feedback.  There isn't currently a way to change what is printing out, but I've added a ticket for development for consideration in a future release.



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