How can I set up reminders for my calendar events?

Deltek Collaboration allows you to set reminders for calendar events the way you want to.  Calendar events can produce a popup, email, or both before the event begins based on your personal profile settings or specific event settings.  You can set up as many reminders for an event as you would like depending on the frequency and methods that help you most.

To set a default reminder for all newly created events:

  1. Click on your picture or name located in the upper right corner of the screen and select My Profile.
  2. In the “Default Reminder for Calendar Events” section, select the method (email or popup) and timeframe to send your reminders.

Note: New events created will automatically default to these settings.

To change a reminder for an existing event:

  1. Select the event to change.  This will open its details screen.
  2. Click the link next Starts/Ends to bring up the calendar popup.  The reminder field will display beneath the calendar and will default to the settings from your profile. 
  3. You can remove the reminder(s) by clicking the X or edit any existing reminder(s) by changing the drop-down fields.  You can also click “Add Reminder” to put new or additional reminders onto the task or event.


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    Chris Lawton

    Hi Christine!

    If I set up a reminder on an event that has multiple people assigned to it, will everyone receive the reminder, or just me?



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    Christine Boermeester

    Hi Chris,

    When you set up a reminder on a specific event, it will only go to you.  That being said, if the other people on the event have a default reminder setting in their profile, then they will get a reminder for the event based on that setting.  They can also set a reminder specifically for this event on their own.


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