Sharing Deltek Collaboration calendars with other internet calendars (including your smartphone)

Deltek Collaboration provides the ability to share the calendar in any of your spaces or your Home page with other internet calendars including Google Calendar, Apple iCal (iPhone and iPad), Microsoft Outlook, or any other iCal supported calendar.  Sharing the calendar from Deltek Collaboration creates a unique URL you can use to add Deltek Collaboration events to the other iCal calendars.

This is a great way to share your calendar with other family members or friends so they can stay up-to-date on relevant events.  Sharing the specific Deltek Collaboration calendar and sending your friends and family the URL will let them add the events automatically to their iCal supported calendar.  Once they have added the Deltek Collaboration calendar, any updates you make to the event in Deltek Collaboration will be shared with their calendar automatically through periodic updates.

To share a Deltek Collaboration calendar:

  1. Open the Deltek Collaboration space that includes the calendar you want to share or your Home page.
  2. Choose the Events tab.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow located to right of the word Calendars under the “Add an event” entry bar and choose “Share this Calendar”.
  4. Copy the link shown in the popup window under the “All events” or “Just my events” heading, depending on which events you want to add to Outlook. Note: If following this process from your Home page, there will only be an option for “Just my events”.
  5. Paste the URL into your iCal supported calendar and/or email the URL to other people to allow them to paste it into their iCal supported calendar.



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    Anna Bosted

    Will sharing calendars share only existing events, or will new events added in Kona after sharing the calendar also become visible to the shared calendar? 

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