Share your Kona calendar with your Android (Google calendar)

You can share your My Kona calendar with your Android device via Google calendar to see all your Kona events on your smartphone. These events will be read-only, non-editable events that update periodically.

  1. In My Kona, choose the Events tab.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the word Calendars under the “Add an event” entry bar.


3. Choose “Share this calendar”.



4. Copy the URL in the gray box under “Just my events”. 

5. Open and choose Calendar.  Alternatively, open Google Calendar.

6. Next to "Add a friend's calendar" on the left, click the down arrow to open a drop-down menu.  Choose “From URL”. 


7. Paste the URL into the dialog box. Then click "Add calendar".


8. On your Android device, go into your Calendar > Calendars > Add Calendars.  Check the Kona Calendar.  Screenshot below is from an HTC Incredible

9. Now your Kona calendar is on your Android device!


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