How do I create a calendar event?

Events tab: On the Events tab in your Home page or a specific space, type your event name into the “Add an event” entry field at the top.  Enter the start date and time, end date and time, and location for quick calendar entry.  You can also change the options for who will participate in the event, make the event recurring, add an attachment, set the space (if adding from your Home page Events), add a reminder, and even start the conversation about the event.  Once you’ve finished creating the event, click the “Add +” button.

From a comment: Open up a conversation popup window by clicking on the conversation name.  Hover over the comment you want to take action on.  You will see a star icon with a drop-down arrow appear to the right of the comment.  Click the drop-down arrow and choose “Create event.”  Deltek Collaboration will pop-up a screen where you can edit the item details, and then when you click “Add +,” it will be added to Deltek Collaboration. Note: The original comment will retain a “Spark” with a link to the new event.  This makes it easy to keep track of events created from that comment.


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