How do I print a list of all my tasks?

On the Tasks tab of your Home page or a space, you have the option to print a list of all your tasks.  If you choose to filter your list by All, Favorites, My Tasks, Active, Completed, or to sort Manually/None, by due date, by create date, by name, by space, or by task folder, those choices will be reflected in the printout.

To print your task list:

  1. On the Tasks tab, click the printer icon on the right side, below the + sign where you add a new task. 
  2. Choose “Print Tasks” or “Print Tasks with Notes,” depending upon your preference.
  3. A pop-up window will appear with a preview of the printout and print settings.  Make your choices and select “Print.”  Your list will then print to the printer you’ve selected.


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